Silent Ripples is a suicide bereavement support group.

Grief is not a disorder, disease or sign of weakness; it is an emotional, physical, and spiritual necessity after loss. The only cure for grief is to grieve.

All of our members have experienced a loss through suicide, we therefore through our own experience recommend that you also speak to a professional support worker or doctor.

We are a support group based in Murray Bridge run by people who have lived experience of the grief left after losing a loved one to suicide. We offer support in the form of a meeting place where people can come together and help one another through the varying stages of the roller coaster life that we now lead. We are wanting to further our services to accommodate for young people in a space where they feel comfortable sharing and can understand that they are not alone in the feelings they are experiencing.



The Memorial Garden

The Silent Ripples Memorial Garden is dedicated to all who have taken their own lives for reasons we may never understand, but they will be remembered with our love, for who they were and how they lived.


Remembering our Veterans

Silent Ripples remembers our Returned Veterans and currently serving Personnel who have taken their own lives due to trauma caused during their service.


Learning to live a new life

After a suicide, our lives are changed forever but we can learn to live a new life and continue to remember our loved ones and raise awareness.



‘A pathway to healing through connective community.’


Mission Statement

Silent Ripples Inc, is a support group that provides support and resources to those in the community who have been impacted by loss through suicide.

The group identifies its main objectives as providing a supportive environment to assist in the healing process. The other main area o focus is to raise and maintain community awareness about suicide with the aim of reducing its incidences.

Silent Ripples Inc provides services to all those in the community seeking support regardless of gender age, religion, or cultural background.

When suicide occurs those left behind often find, for various reasons that their social connections with the broader community are diminished.

Attending the group provides members with the opportunity to re-establish social networks in a safe and understanding environment. Eventually, this facilitates re-engagement with the broader community and life in general.

We are hoping to be able to provide a wide range of credible resources to offer support for our readers who may be suffering to find answers in dark times.

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